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In about the year 1142 a priory was founded at Canwell. It observed the Benedictine

Order and was dedicated to St Giles, a dedication which has been passed on to our

Church today.




The Priory received gifts of money and property which over the years allowed the

community to grow. However the phase of growth was followed by decline and by

the time that Henry VIII came to the throne only one monk remained and in 1526

as part of the dissolution of the monasteries the Manor of Canwell was passed

across to Cardinal Wolsey, the Priory was closed down and the estate was

transferred to Bishop Vesey, who was at the time Bishop of Exeter, but who had

grown up in Sutton Coldfield.



The Estate passed through various hands with a family called Lawley building

Canwell Hall near to the ruins of the one time Priory. In 1872 the Estate

was purchased by Mr Abram Briggs Foster who was the owner of Black Dyke Mill

in Bradford, manufacturers of worsted cloth, and well known as being sponsors of

the Black Dyke Mills Brass Band.



In 1904 Abram Foster died and in his memory his son Philip Foster built the Church

as an estate church for use of the family and those who lived and worked on the

estate. The architect chosen was Temple Moore, and the church was consecrated

by the Bishop of Lichfield in 1911. The dedication was St Mary, St Giles and All Saints,

the St Giles being inherited from the orignal priory built in 1142.




After the First World War in 1914 to 1918, the Hall and Estate were sold to

Birmingham Corporation, the farms being divided up to provide smallholdings for

returning sevicemen, and the Hall being used at first as a convalescent home and

then as a children's hospital.



In 1921 the church became available for worship by the general public, and then

finally in 1983 the Canwell Parish was created by act of parliament by taking areas

from a number of surrounding parishes and becoming part of the Diocese of Lichfield.





In 1998 The Parish Hall was built which has significantly added to the facilities and

to the community life of the Parish.






The year 2011 was a year of celebration to mark the first one hundred years of

St Mary, St Giles and All Saints Church in Canwell.





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